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13 September 2011

My food log #10th day

I'm worried.  Last week of fasting month I went to gym and weigh was 58kg!! Blamed it on the Nasi Kerabu I had 2 times a week, my delicious homecook food (yup, i was very rajin cooking during the fasting month) and for sleeping after Sahur.  I had skipped the gym during that month, been spending time in kitchen preparing for buka meals.

Today is my 10th day on Juice & Vege Detox & Diet.  Trying every tips on this diet I read in the net. Forbid myself from rice (which is the hardest part), bread, sugar and jeruk & asam which was my cravings.

Day 1 till Day 3

Only had pineapple + papaya + celery + lime juice to get me through the whole day.  Put everything in the blender and drink the juice immediately.  That's all.  Spent 1 solid hour at gym.  Surprisingly, I didn't feel hungry at all.

Day 4

Weighed myself at gym. To my surprise..I lost 2 kg. It motivated me and I smiled during the whole workout that day.  I felt good and light.  I actually could feel my skin is glowing and soft :)

Day 5 till Day 9

Sticked to the regime but sometimes when I get too hungry I had clear soup with fresh green veges.

Day 10 (today 14/9)

Had papaya+orange+guave juice.  Body feels light, refreshed and stomach feels good.  I DON'T FEEL HUNGRY at all.  Trying to keep myself busy and not to think of food.   I think if I got really hungry this afternoon, I'll have that clear soup and add fresh vege on top.

Evening, usually at 4 or 5pm I'll hit the gym.

continue tomorrow...

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