It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not

18 April 2011

I don't brag, I just blog :-)

Just a quick note.

This blog is kinda my personal blog.  I don't write to amuse others (but sometimes I did once in a blue moon), I don't update my readers on current issues (cos u can get that from the papers or other reporters' blog) and I definitely tried not dwell on negative thoughts here because they make me and you depressed.

As I'm not like other people who blab about their so called perfect life (oh! these are pix of my kids in their boots riding horses, I live overseas in a huge house by the lake with my rich hubby, we just came back from Neverland and spent RM50K for souvenirs  bla...bla) in FB . . . you know those people are a lot out there, I prefer share those with the people I trust.  Anyway, my family & I are just ordinary people living life as it is. . . 

So this blog is like my sanctuary.  Sometimes I write for myself, sometimes I write about the special people that are or were special in my life.  Yup, I'm  so full of myself. . .  why not??

p/s  I luv reading all your comments though . . .

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