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01 March 2011


Last week I've changed my tuition timetable.  Instead of having classes almost every weekdays, afternoon & nite (rasa macam takde nite life je) I've cancelled all tuition classes on Mondays.  Boleh gi shopping or pay the bills, banking, do facial, wash hair, tgk semua channel TV, cuci toilet, etc on that day.  Starting today I only got nite classes Tuesdays & Thursdays, and afternoon classes on Tues/Wed/Fri which means I can spend Friday nites with my buddies...yahoooooo!!!

Skrang dah Maghrib, nak mandi cos tonite got tuition.  Tuition finishes at 9.30pm so I'll download more pic in my next entry right after tuition then 10.30pm it'll just me and the lads at Wisteria Lane!


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