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09 March 2011

Maher Zain

Dalam paper semalam terbaca kisah konsert Maher Zain yang khabarnya sold out.  Sampai Amy Search & wife pun datang tengok jugak.  What's so great about this Maher anyway.  I can't see anything special about him or his songs.  Why we Malaysians or should I say the 'so called Islamic Malays' pandang tinggi sangat kat lagu2 dia.  Is it because nowadays the Malays dah become so islamic and whoever come here with lagu2 berunsur memuji Allah terus je dianggap hebat?

Honestly, there is nothing special about his songs.  Penyanyi2 kita sendiri dah lama produce greater islamic songs than him since as long as I can remember.  RAIHAN, RABBANI, INTEAM just to mention a few have produced songs (in English too) and they as much much better songs than this Maher.  Their songs have made it across the world and I don't see why we should bring in Maher to Malaysia in the first place!  

Is it because he's good looking? Rupa macam mat salleh, tall, hidung tercacak?  Cuba kalau Maher Zain ni macam negro, hitam legam, hidung kemek, aku rasa taklah orang Melayu kita especially the gediks nak tengok dia nyanyi kat sini.  Please la don't say that his music is more islamic, universal, touching heart apa ke jadah tu?!  As for me, Raihan is still the best!  Aku yang freehair, dosa bertimbun and only layan lagu ala2 clubbing Taoi Cruz & Black Eyed Pea je boleh meleleh airmata (tu boleh dikira simptom2 insaf tak?) bila dengar lagu Raihan ni.  

Bila orang Melayu kita nak support orang kita sendiri. 

Teringat kata Dr M "I don't accept things as face value, you cannot trust what you here or see. Don't jump to conclusions without thinking."

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