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12 February 2011

This is my 4th blog

My first blog was inspired by Hanis Zalikha and Kenny Sia.  If you don't know them then tak tau la, maybe ko tinggal kat Gua Niah (I think Gua Niah pon ntah2 dah ada bb connection?) so aku maapkan. Now, there are tons of talented bloggers out there that already outdone them!!

Then, I created another blog, my private blog. After that, I gave birth to a cute kindy blog which is all about what my kindy offers and tons of pics of my smart happy kiddies.  So, all together I have 4 blogs. I'm going to close my 1st & private blogs because I want to start anew this 2011 and at the same time I'm trying to rejuvenate the old me.  I want to be ALL NEW, a fresh start...a new refreshing beginning and that's where  "Just Lemonade" came to mind.

The starting of 2011 was good...well to be honest it was more than good - it was AMAZING!  I've achieved my 2 resolutions before February!...or maybe I should call it ASPIRATIONS cos resolutions are decisions of to do or not to do while aspirations are hopes of achieving something.  What's my aspirations? Secret lohhh!!! So shy to tell. I know enough la :)

My new baby blog is less about myself (I try lah...can't promise cos sometime I feel terperasan nak menonjolkan diri juga kekadang) but more about my kids and daily experiences.  And of course, I love songs, old and new so I'll share some songs from YouTube here...they save me trouble of explaining how I feel at certain times.

I want to express my opinion without hurting others *i know sometimes kita berniat suci *chewah* menulis tapi disalah ertikan*. But if I don't let out what's really on my mind then this blog will be nothing but fake.  I rather not writing at all than writing something to please others or writing to earn $$ from Nuffnang *of course there's nothing wrong with that but the content should be honest & not to please the advertiser or promote something that you don't even believe in.

Happy reading!!!

p/s  To my old blog's followers (u know who u r) THANK YOU SO MUCH for meeting me here and I love you all.  

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